Assessment Information

Christie Verlac is the Assessor for the Village of Roscommon and Higgins Township. If you need assistance you can meet with Christie at Higgins Township on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:00 am – noon. You can also contact her via email at or by calling (989) 275-8112 ext. 14.

*Property cards/Assessment cards are not available at the Village of Roscommon. Please contact Higgins Township at (989) 275-8112 for that information.

  • Tax Schedule
  • September 15th:  taxes due
  • September 16th:  1% penalty
  • October 1st:  1% penalty
  • November 1st:  1% penalty
  • December 1st:  1% penalty
  • January 1st:  1% penalty
  • February 1st:  1% penalty
  • March 1st:  assessed by the county