Resident Concerns Addressed – 2/28/2018

Brown water/discoloration Issue

  • Rumor 1: Brown water is not safe to drink/bathe; levels of iron are at a higher level than what is acceptable by the State
  • Fact 1: The human body requires iron to function, but you cannot drink enough water to consume a toxic level of iron. In July 2017, the State returned their analysis of our water samples and determined iron wasn’t detected.
  • Rumor 2: No sense of urgency or activity to remedy issue
  • Fact 2: DPW is not able to do anything to solve the issue at this present time due to the weather (winter). Procedures are being developed and researched to solve this in early spring.
  • Rumer 3: Nothing that can be done by residents in the time being
  • Fact 3: Running your cold water at a higher velocity (pressure) to clear out the “brown water” allows the iron to dissipate and return to the clear/natural look that we are all accustomed to.

Reminder: flushing will occur in May and September of this year

Due to the Run Water Advisory we are currently under, the amount of chlorine is helping to break up and clean the system out. It has been a few years since the last Run Water Advisory which was prior to the Chlorination requirement by the DEQ.