Water & Sewer


The Village of Roscommon has 9.3 miles of sewer mains, 8 sewer lift stations, a wastewater treatment plant, 3 water supply wells, a village-wide fire hydrant system, and a 250,000 gallon water tower that stands 150 feet tall. Together these operations provide our customers with state and national award-winning drinking water, added fire protection (hydrants), and a sanitary sewer service. In 2008 and 2012 the Village of Roscommon won 1st place for the best tasting rural water in the state, and in 2013 the Village took 4th place in Washington DC as having the best tasting water in the nation!


The Village water and sewer bill is generated on a monthly basis. Meters are read the last few days of each month, processed in Village Hall, and then mailed out at the beginning of every month. Bills must be received by the 20th of each month before a 10% penalty is assessed, and failure to receive your bill does not waive the past due penalty. When reading your bill, an explanation of codes is listed on the back. Bills are based on usage, so each customer’s billing amounts will vary (number of people, washing machine, dishwasher, gardening, etc.), so it is not practical to compare your bill with another customer.

Payment of Water/Sewer Bills

You have several options for paying your bill…. you can mail it to us, you can come directly to Village Hall and pay with cash, check or money order, or you can drop your payment in the mail slot which is located on the front door of Village Hall. Check with your financial institution to see if online bill paying is available directly through them. We currently do not accept credit/debit cards and we cannot process checks over the phone.

Past due amounts must be paid close of business on the 15th of each month with no exceptions. Extensions and payment plans are not allowed. If a water service is shut off for non-payment, the entire balance of the account, including the past due, current, and shut off fee must all be paid in-full before water service can be restored. Water service will only be restored during the DPW’s regular work hours, which are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am. – 3:30 pm.


What are the current monthly rates?

My water bill seems high, could I have a leak?

What if I have a water or sewer emergency?

Who is responsible for service lines?

If my water is shut off, why do I still have to pay the monthly base fee?

What if I plan on leaving for an extended period of time?

What if I receive an excessive water bill from a break in my plumbing?


Other Water & Sewer Documents

-Water Ordinance

-Sewer Ordinance

-Water & Sewer New Service Application

-2017 Monthly Rate Schedule

-Sewer Rates

-Sewer Back Up Claim Forms


Water Quality Reports



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  • News Brief – 12/13/2017

    From the council meeting on Monday, Dec 11th, the sewer rates were approved through 2036. Please click here for the breakdown for the approved sewer rates effective January 1st, 2018.   Please note: This will not show up on January’s billing, but will reflect on February ‘s billing.    

  • Council Meeting & Public Hearing – 12/9/2017

    For the latest agenda for Monday’s meeting, please check out the agenda here.

  • Library Board Vacancy 12/6/2017

    Recommendations for the Roscommon representative for the Library Board need to sent via email or in person to the Village Manager, John Rosczyk at manager@roscommonvillage.com or at Village Hall. Deadline is fast approaching – please send those in by Monday, December 11th, by noon.  

  • Council Meeting & Public Hearing 12/6/2017

    Council Meeting and Public Hearing is scheduled for Monday, December 11th, at 7pm. The agenda can be reviewed here. It is encouraged for the public to attend meetings and provide your voice to the council.