Village Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer appointed by the Village Council to manage all affairs of the Village. The Village Manager provides supervision over the day-to-day operations of the Village, over all departments, and over all public property belonging to the Village.


Ron Alden

989-275-5743 ext 1


The Administrative Assistant facilitates payroll, human resources, the village website and social media, water and sewer billings, most permits, general information and more.

Tammy Menghini

989-275-5743 ext 3



The clerk’s duties include keeper of the Village records, accounts payable, meeting minutes, publications, general accountant of the Village and the Village Cemetery. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting taxes, accounts receivable, manages the village bank accounts, is responsible for all fund investing, and accounts for all receipts and expenditures.

Frances Dawson

989-275-5743 ext 2


 Tax Schedule

September 14th:  taxes due
September 15th:  1% penalty
October 1st:  2% penalty
November 1st:  3% penalty
December 1st:  4% penalty
January 1st:  5% penalty
February 1st:  6% penalty
March 1st:  Taxes can no longer be accepted at the Village, and must be paid at the County Treasurer’s office.